Well, I finally gave in

Well, I finally gave in and bought a portable MP3 player.

The biggest decision for me was between a CD and solidstate. I’ve mostly always leaned towards solid-state, because it’s lighter, less bulky and all-around better. Of course, the advantage of a CD player is that it can hold approximately 2394867123342 (accuracy not guaranteed) MP3s.

But, between 32 and 64M (which is all my pocketbook can afford) doesn’t leave much room for many songs.

So, I bit the bullet anyway and bought one.

The Sonicblue Rio One.

I decided on this one because I mainly wanted it for working out and running, so the size and weight were important. And since I will be working out and running, quality isn’t the biggest concern – it’s not like I’ll be listening on a hi-fi stereo. So, I could easily downsample to 64kbps and get much more music on there.

I am looking forward to getting it. Impulse buying is fun!