[22:44] <dippo> jesus man  
[22:44] <dippo> you're going into debt for a 360 modena?  
[22:44] <dippo> you're baiting me  
[22:44] <dippo> i know you are  
[22:44] <phillipe> well not really debt  
[22:44] <dippo> you're so full of shit  
[22:45] <phillipe> no i'm not  
[22:45] <phillipe> i've wanted a ferrari my whole life and i've got the money these days  
[22:45] <phillipe> so i figure fuck it  
[22:45] <dippo> why don't you just buy an older one?  
[22:46] <phillipe> nah  
[22:46] <phillipe> an old spider or something  
[22:46] <phillipe> i thought about it  
[22:46] <phillipe> this one will retain it's value better  
[22:46] <phillipe> you get what you pay for  
[22:46] <dippo> you sure about that?  
[22:46] <phillipe> yeah  
[22:46] <dippo> a lot of people were criticizing this year's for the interior stylings  
[22:47] <dippo> well, that's cool, I guess  
[22:47] <dippo> it's a badass car that's for sure  
[22:48] <dippo> i don't know that it makes very good financial sense to buy one when you can't pay cash for it, but whatever  
[22:48] <phillipe> you're right  
[22:48] <phillipe> i'm not arguing  
[22:48] <phillipe> but who cares  
[22:48] <dippo> this is gonna be the part on Behind the Scenes: Ween  
[22:48] <dippo> where they're like  
[22:49] <Port-> Behind the Music or Behind the Scenes?  
[22:49] <dippo> "everything was flowers and rose petals for mickey .. but then, the ferraris of fortune turned to daggers of debt"  
[22:49] <dippo> er, behind the music, yeah  
[22:49] <Port-> yeah i THOUGHT SO FAGGOT  
[22:49] <dippo> SHUT UP  
[22:49] <Port-> NICE ONE  
* dippo stabs port with a dagger of debt  
[22:49] <dippo> +2 enchanted  
[22:49] * Port-/#ween rolls a saving throw  
[22:50] <Port-> eat mychaotic warlock dust dippo...when are you going to learn that bards can't fight?  
[22:50] <brygo> yo  
[22:50] <Port-> i knew that would wake up brygo