Amanda and I currently work

Amanda and I currently work opposite schedules (I work during the day and she works evenings), so we found ourselves going out to eat a lot, snacking on our own, and eating lots of junk food..

It was unhealthy AND expensive..

So we decided to do what we had talked about doing in the past, and went to the grocery store and got ingredients to make about 3 or 4 big meals.

Amanda was a nonstop, lean, mean cooking machine.. She made pork chops, curried chicken, beef.. you name it, and then when it was all done, froze it all in individual portions with an assortment of vegetables and side-dishes.

It’s great – now when I go to work, or when I need a quick dinner, I just grab one of these..

Check it out:

picture of our freezer

I’m hoping this will end up saving us a lot of time and money in the long run!