A good BMW news site

A good BMW news site I found has a good, succinct summary of what is expected from the new 6-series:

6-Series (Starting price approx. £40,000)

Returns to the lineup in March 2003, first in Coupe form followed by a Cabriolet version about a year later. It will offer 2+2 seating with BMW's iDrive system. The Coupe's heavily curved roof will be replaced on the Cabriolet version with a traditional electronically operated fabric hood. Dimensionally the 6-Series falls halfway between the 5 & 7-Series & will be targeting buyers of Jaguars XK & Mercedes SL range. Uses a shortened 5-Series platform & will be offered with semi-active suspension.

Starting the range will be a 240Bhp 3.0litre in-line 6 called 630Ci, that will be joined by 270Bhp 3.5 & 340Bhp 4.5litre V8 635Ci & 640Ci models. All will run using BMW's new Valvetronic technology. Also a hot 6-Series M6 is likely running a version of the M5's 5.0litre V8 pumping out up to 430Bhp.

I sure hope I get rich someday.