There's a really disturbing method

There’s a really disturbing method implemented in the HTTP spec (see here for more) that was intended for hosts to support SSL redirection, so that you can say “CONNECT *sslhost*:443 HTTP/1.1”

However, it seems on a misconfigured caching server (which a great number are), you can simply specify “CONNECT *random host*:*random port* HTTP/1.1” and voila, you have an instant tunnel.

What does this mean? Find a misconfigured caching server and you have yourself an instant mail relay, an instant anonymous web proxy, IRC proxy, etc.

What should you do? Well, if you run a network using caching servers, make sure they don’t allow the CONNECT method. Squid allows you to turn it off, as does Volera ICS 2.0, however I haven’t figured out how to make Cacheflow not allow it yet.