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Okay, you know what I

Okay, you know what I don’t get?

Take a look at this website:

This website was plastered all over a car i saw in my parking lot a few weeks ago. No, not just any car. A yellow 2000 BMW M3. A very nice, very expensive car, that I personally would kill to drive. And it was plastered all over the car for two reasons, as far as I can tell: 1) to totally ruin the elegance and style of the car, and 2) to indicate that obviously it was a company car of some sort.

Now, if this company has enough money to buy an M3 to promote their company, obviously they’ve got some dough lying around.

Now, my question – er, wait, did you go to the website yet? alright, then – my question is:

How does a company whose sole product appears to be the crappiest looking site on the entire internet accumulate the funds to buy themselves an M3 just for the hell of it? I mean, come on. My webpage’s links section has more thought put into the links it’s got.

Did dot-com mania get so out of hand that these people actually got money for this? They actually got funding to design something that looks like it predates in design technique? And why hasn’t the dot-com implosion put them out of my misery yet? Why are they still flaunting around this car? WHY? WHY GOD WHY?!?

Sorry. I guess I just really wish I had an M3.