bill hobbs on religious bigotry

Bill Hobbs yesterday:

[billhobbs] NYT columnist @CharlesMBlow is a religious bigot who should be fired for this:
[@cwage] @billhobbs I don’t get it.. explain?
[@billhobbs] @cwage Read Blow’s tweet: He deliberately insults Romney’s Mormon faith. The NYT must fire him to show they will not tolerate such bigotry
[@cwage] @billhobbs I am not sure how this is bigotry
[@billhobbs] @cwage he’s mocking Romney’s Mormon faith. The MSM will be doing it all year if Romney is the nom, and they must be called out for it.
[@cwage] @billhobbs i am not sure mocking faith is bigotry. i mean, faith is stupid. that doesn’t mean he is intolerant of him as a person
[@billhobbs] @cwage Same media savages Republicans as racists whenever they disagree w/Obama - we WILL fight back against their religious bigotry.
[@cwage] @billhobbs mocking belief in magic underpants is not quite the same as racism, sorry!

Bill Hobbs today:

[billhobbs] Crazed Muslims rioting & killing folks because a book accidentally got burned - not great PR for “Religion of Peace.”
[billhobbs] Muslim judge in PA declares no 1st Amendment protection to mock Islam. OK. Can we mock pedophile who founded Islam?

Shorter Bill Hobbs: mocking religion is bigotry and should not be tolerated. Unless it’s Islam. Then it’s okay.