turntablefm: some thoughts

So, at CentreSource, we have been playing around with turntable.fm quite a bit lately. A few observations:

  • It’s a lot of fun
  • Nonetheless, it’s still a lot like this.
  • It’s too resource-intensive. I like to listen to music at work – with my friends, even – but I don’t have time to be a fulltime DJ all day long. I think a nice complement to the interactive communal DJing would be some sort of “radio/party” mode you could put it in so that if no one has anything queued up, it’d just play random stuff in a particular genre or artist-related area. Basically turntablefm + lastfm/pandora.
  • The avatars are a little too creepy/furry. The competitive angle to the avatar acquisition is fun, but who wants to wear a teddybear fursuit? not this guy.