food trucks

Okay, here’s the thing. Food from a truck is awesome. It’s great when you can grab some awesome tamales from some grandmother and her kids in a truck when you’re in a hurry and running across town, or grabbing an awesome hot dog when you’re late for a meeting downtown. It’s good food and it’s convenient and it’s cheap.

The trendiness of it kills it for me. This is not a “i am too school for school” anti-trend thing. It’s a convenience thing. Standing in a massive line in the hot sun in 93F heat is not convenient – it’s masochistic. While my coworkers baked in the sun to get cheesesteaks, I drove to Kroger and got stuff to make awesome turkey subs and was on my way back before the line had moved.

I’m not hatin’.. just sayin. Call me when the food trucks have reached market saturation and you can get food from them quickly. I’ll be at Kroger.

Negative Nelly here, over and out.