art and science

I realize this is probably pretty thoroughly-covered ground out there in the vast expanse of literature, but hey. Something that occurred to me on the drive in to work this morning: art and science are often colloquially juxtaposed as opposites. E.g. “Parenthood is more of an art than a science” and such.. In reality, of course, art and science are not even remotely opposite – something anyone that has read any Douglas Hofstadter or Richard Feynman and so on can tell you.. (On a related note, Foucault’s Pendulum has fallen and been irreparably damaged, which kinda sucks. I guess I can scratch that off the list of awesome things I need to see before I die.)

Anyways. The opposite of science is faith. The opposite of art is [insert musical artist you hate here and then go “OH SNAP GOOD DISS”].

Deep thoughts, with Chris Wage. My commute is only 10 minutes long, what do you want?!