photography club

Anyone have any interest in starting a regular photography club type thing? Or even just having one get-together, to start..

This would be a beginner-to-intermediate group – people that are just interested in learning basic techniques, how to get the most out of their camera, nerd out a bit, etc..

There are a few reasons I thought this might be a good idea:

  • I’ve had interest expressed in this sort of thing from a few people – we just never made it happen..
  • I often get a lot of questions from people all the time (which I’m happy to answer) and vice-versa – may as well share the wealth
  • Without going into too much snarky detail, the other photography meetups and clubs in town I’ve visited were a complete waste of time.. either a forum for circular back-patting on their work, or a glorified social club where most of the time was spent arguing about where they’d eat. Regardless, they had no real structure and no one seemed to be sharing or learning anything at all..

Let me know if you have any interest in the comments, and if it seems like it’s worth it, we can put together a google group or something.. I want to keep it small, though, so you don’t have to forward this on to every photographer you know – not out of elitism/exclusivity or anything, but I don’t really have the time or inclination to organize some massive new photography club.. I just thought a smaller group of friends/like-minded people interested in photography would be fun..