oh hello

Remember me? What news? Sedate new year, followed by some fun times with new and old friends.

I got a new (to me) piano. Well, technically it’s a spinet. It’s an old ’30s-era (I think) Wurlitzer:


It’s terribly out of tune right now, and many of the keys are sticking, due in no small part to a few jostles while moving it. Tuning may be beyond me, but I wonder what typically causes keys to “stick”. Anyone know? Is it something I can repair myself? While answering, don’t underestimate my uncanny willingness and ability to obsessively and compulsively learn something for the sake of taking something apart and fixing it.

I just ordered some music, as well.. a book of Joplin rags that I’ve wanted to learn forever, including Bethena, which is one of my favorite (and perhaps one of the saddest) songs ever. I went to go see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and was pleased to find it (Bethena) put to good use in that movie. Joplin wrote it a few months after his wife died. It’s sad.

Happy New Year!