rush limbaugh is a big fat idiot

I know I shouldn’t be reading Rush Limbaugh, but it came up in a google search and I read it by accident. From Explained: Obama’s Lies about Raising Taxes on Small Business:

Obama says that most small businesses do not earn over $250,000 a year. That is clearly a lie.

It is impossible. It cannot be true. Your own instinct tells you that. You in small business know full well it can’t be true. Now, the employees of a small business might believe it. Most employees don’t get to see the books. But if you’re an employee of small business, and there are five or six other employees in your small business (and that’s a small business) just add up your combined salaries and find out if your small business has enough to pay them. If you’re making $50,000 a year at a small business and there are five of you, that’s $250,000 right there.

Does he really not know the difference between gross and net income? Am I missing something or is he really being this purposefully misleading on something so fundamental?

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