gratuitous showboating


Yes, Another Picture Of the Damn Skyline. What can I say, I like it up there. I saw my homeless buddy Jackie and he didn’t ask me for money this time so hopefully we’re past the awkward “money? no. money now? no. money this time? NO.” phase and can just chat from now on. It was really nice up there tonight, though there was a very nasty slick of oil on the river that you can see in this picture.

I think my camera is dying. Although this is promising. I am going to try that this weekend. At this point I have shot around 15,000 frames with my Canon 20D, and I bought it used, at that, so who knows how many exposures are on that shutter, but I’ve heard most consumer EOS bodies are good for 50k exposures. Maybe it’ll last me a while after all. I dread the day that it dies, though.