shameless pimping

So, I just sold a boatload of prints (Lipscomb is hanging them in their dorms!), so this reminded me that I can, like, actually make money from photography, even as a hobby. And also that I’ve been terrible at this whole self-promotion thing. So, just a reminder, you can buy prints at A lot of you mentioned buying prints towards the holidays. They make a convenient gift for friends! Loved ones! Hated ones, janitors, landlords, that guy you always say hi to on the way to work even though you don’t know his name, the mayor, the pope – anyone! Buy a print for me! Buy 15 prints and use them as giftwrap! Tell your friends, tell your enemies! And so on and so forth. I also accept Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III’s as payment, as well. You know, if you have one laying around.