oh hello

Remember when I used to write on this thing?

I’ve been very busy, though not with anything exciting. I am having some sort of third-life crisis, with regards to wanting to travel more. I spent some time in Wilmington last month and vastly enjoyed being on a beach and eating at restaurants and taking pictures all day. I’ve been giving it some thought, and I’ve decided to become ridiculously wealthy so I can do this full-time. I think it’s the right step for me at this point.

I spent all Saturday working on my car. I generally enjoy working on a car, as it’s meditative and peaceful, particularly on a day as nice as Saturday. In fact, if it hadn’t been so nice, I probably would have had a temper tantrum, because the car repairs didn’t go so well. It was a simple alternator replacement, and everything was going peachy until it came time to adjust the tension on the alternator belt. A few adjustments and I couldn’t get it quite right, and the belt was still spinning freely. So, on the last go-round, I get it just right, and go to tighten the tensioner bolt, and as I tighten it, I feel that tell-tale sickening crack as the wrench breaks loose and my hand flies headline into all kinds of sharp things in the engine bay. I was hoping, nay praying I had simply stripped the bolt, but no. The damn bolt shredded the threads on the alternator mounting bracket like it was made out of fucking tinfoil. So, the thing is basically useless to me now. I am going to try to return it, because I honestly didn’t tighten it that hard. This bolt cut through it like it was butter. Not sure what they’re making alternators out of these days – recycled solder? Maybe it was a defective batch of metal, I don’t know.

But, it was hard to get too upset with the sun shining like it was on Saturday. C’est la vie! I did another photoshoot on Sunday. Lesson learned: I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Other lesson learned: don’t do portrait photography outside at high noon. These photography tipz and more, courtesy of yours truly.