quick linkwhoring

An old friend of mine has resurfaced via the Internet – Louis, who’s become somewhat of a regular commenter here (and vice versa), so I figured it was time for some link-love (read: blatant plug). He’s my friend Daniel’s older brother – the prototypical cooler upper-classman at our high school. I’m pretty sure a significant chunk of my musical taste formulated via the stream of precious hand-me-down mixtapes and dubs – the Pixies, XTC, the Lemonheads, who knows what else – most of which probably came from Louis. He’s in Barcelona these days, and he’s got two pretty cool websites: vestasix.com, for all things photographical.. er, fotografía, and musicjail.com. Check both of them out – it’s well worth it.

If you look carefully on musicjail.com, you’ll find a couple of songs we did together in a band before he left for Germany. Pretty fun.