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Day 194: David & Mary

Briley & Mancini

So the Briley meetup last night went well, I think. Great turnout and lots of good discussion. I’m sure that some money was raised, but I think probably the most tangible benefit to Briley was an opportunity to convey his confidence that things in this race are not what the polls seem to indicate. He seemed confident that the swing of things was firmly in his favor. I had mentioned to him earlier the retarded, divisive comment about “splitting” Dean’s vote, and how strategic voting in a race that is this close is insane. Briley pointed out in his remarks that he thinks it’s as likely that he and Dean will be in a run-off as anything else, given the momentum of both campaigns right now. And that was the theme of the evening – momentum. Everyone I’ve talked to in the past week – admittedly a small sample set –has been excited about Dean or Briley, whereas I’ve gotten nothing but baffled apathy regarding the rest of the field, particularly with regards to Clement.

So, we’ll see what happens. All I know is that neither Karl Dean nor David Briley should be counted out of this race. I took my camera to the meetup with the intention of documenting the fun-times, and I took … 2 pictures. I am a chatty-cathy socialite first, and a photographer second. Sometimes I forget that.