The Blue Collar Muse saves us all from an impending terrorist attack (some guy with a video camera) by calling the cops on him:

“Ummm, yes … my name is Blue Collar Muse and I’m calling from my cell phone. The number is 777-7777. I’m just wanting to let someone know about this guy with a camera at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. He seems to be filming the railroad crossing …”

Great work. Somebody get this guy a junior tattletale merit badge, seriously. Fortunately, he’s also willing to ask the hard questions about his behaviour:

A large part of the debate centers on whether or not we should protect people reporting suspicious behavior from retaliatory behavior from those who are inconvenienced or even harmed in some fashion due to being reported.

That’s right, folks. His primary concern is not “is it messed up that I am calling the cops on dudes with video cameras because I think they are a terrorist for some reason?” No, it is “How can I protect myself from yet another imagined threat?” The Blue Collar Muse must truly be living in a different world than I am. Terrorists on every corner, waiting to deliver brutal retribution for his daring calls to the police.

Great work, soldier.