I long ago lost my taste for flamewars, but I have to say, this is one of the most spectacular examples of groupthink stupidity I think I have ever seen in my entire life.

Here’s the gist of it, as I understand it from my droopy-eyelid observation: Steve Gilliard died. Local psychotic blogger smantix posts some sort of retarded parody/screed calling Steve a house negro. Brittney highlights the post with no commentary, leaving his inanity to speak for itself – as she’s wont to do. Smantix’s uh .. material .. rarely needs much commentary. It speaks for itself. Brittney is pilloried by lemmings who think she wrote it or was endorsing it. Brittney resigns, partly because of this, partly probably because she was tired of it.

It was a bit like watching lemmings run off a cliff, watching it happen in realtime, as people poured in to condemn someone they didn’t know for writing things they didn’t read. Well, less like lemmings and more like a witch hunt.

Brittney will be fine, of course. With Sechrist’s departure from WKRN, the future of NiT has always been foggy, Better for Brittney to exit now (with a bang, even – any publicity is good publicity!) than to linger unhappily. Best of luck to her. And to her detractors: you are a douche.