beertown friends

Last night we sent B to beertown. Er, beantown. We sent beer to Beantown. We .. uh.. yeah. There’s an old barcrawling habit I have which basically boils down to “never pass up an opportunity to order beer from a waitress, because you never know when you’ll see her again.”

This strategy backfires, however, when you’re at a place with phenomenal service like the Lipstick Lounge. They’ll shovel booze to you as fast as you can drink it and still have time to make you a burger.

Had a lot of fun as expected. Mad props go out to Katherine for the best performance of the night.

And guys, friends don’t let friends take pictures drunk. They look all artsy and fancy, right? But you guys don’t get to see the reject pile. Why did I take a picture of Shauna’s feet? And, did I forget where the focus ring is? Cameras need a “drunk” mode. Hm. I’ll be right back, I gotta head to the patent office.