credit report

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d try to get my credit score, for the hell of it.

Equifax’s response was basically “You have no credit, so you have no score. See ya.”

I have no debt. I’ve never had a credit card. I’ve never had a long-term car note. Never had a mortgage. I couldn’t even verify my identity to one of the credit agencies because they use past credit accounts to verify your identity, and I basically have none. The only one they found find was a Saks credit card with a $100 limit I had when I was 17. Where the fuck am I supposed to find that?

I am, like, totally off the grid, dude. I will probably get a credit card just to build up some semblance of credit, but honestly I sorta like being non-participatory. I am not a fan of America’s generally leveraged existence, and it’s kinda nice not to be a part of it at the moment. Well, other than the advantage I reap just by being an American.