NiT on WordPress?

So, apparently Nashville Is Talking is moving from Movable Type to WordPress. I can’t say for sure that this is a bad idea, but it surely smells.. Movable Type would seem at a glance to be much more scalable than WordPress. Movable Type pushes static HTML around, whereas WordPress is entirely PHP/MySQL driven, which is infinitely slower. I’m concerned that with NiT’s performance problems in the past even with Movable Type, that this is going to be a serious detriment to their site. You can alleviate a lot of the load from the dynamic nature of WordPress by implementing rigorous MySQL query caching, installing WP-Cache, and installing a PHP caching accelerator like eaccelerator (and I certainly hope they are doing these things), but still, I find myself wondering about this particular move.

Does NiT’s webmaster perchance read this blog? I’d be curious to hear their thoughts.