purcell and the homeless

The Nashville Homeless Power Project is happy with Mayor Purcell. At today’s Housing Summit, the Mayor largely addressed “affordable housing”, but he also addressed the concerns of the homeless by commiting to $600,000 in funds for 50 housing units as part of the Mayor’s Commission to End Chronic Homelessness. He also said this was not the end and that continuing funds would be made available as budgetary review proceeds.

From the NHPP’s press release:

This commitment is as a result of a request that the Chair of the Commission, Vice Mayor Gentry, made to the Metro Social Services Commission in December 2006.

The Nashville Homeless Power Project became even more hopeful as the Mayor turned and addressed the 25 homeless individuals who attended the Mayor’s Summit and said that the $600,000 was not the end. That he was aware of our proposal and that he was still at the table to look at additional funds in the capitol budget.

Clemmie Greenlee, an organizer for the Nashville Homeless Power Project and a Commissioner of the Mayor’s Commission shares: “We are ready to walk along side the Mayor. We could feel his spirit and his willingness and are confident that he will help us find a way to create at least 200 units
before he leaves office.