Okay, last minute thing here. This is pretty messed up, and your help would be appreciated. I am not sure how much of this sort of stuff I have, but if you do, see what you can do:

I was wondering if you could help or knew of someone that might be able to help a family in dire need this holiday season. I received a call from a Hispanic family in Nashville. Someone set their apartment building on fire a few weeks ago and they lost everything. When the apartment caught fire they had to jump out of the window to safety. The father and the baby made it out OK but the mother broke both her legs. The Red Cross set them up in an apartment but they don’t have any clothes or items for the home. They only have the clothes they were wearing when the apartment caught fire. Someone donated a bed and a blanket so they have something to sleep on. The mother is asking for some shoes for the baby, a baby seat, some dishes to eat on, a pot and pan, blankets, dresser, etc. If you have any clothes you could give away the mother’s size is large top, 10-11 pants, 8 1/2 shoe size. The father is XL top, 34-36 pants, 10 shoe size. The baby is a boy and wears clothes for 24 months old. Donations can be dropped off at 133 Holiday Court
Ste 104, Franklin, TN 37067 or call 615-599-0045. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Yes, someone set their apartment on fire. WTF? Merry Christmas. Jesus christ.