Rocky VI

Brittney asks:

Will you go see this? (Rocky VI)

Answer: hell yes!


Rocky goes the distance! So do I!! A brief question/answer session:

  • Was the original Rocky awesome? Hell yes it was.
  • Did Sylvester Stallone write the original? Yes, and it’s a great story.
  • Is he writing (and directing) this one? Yep.
  • Have the other Rocky movies, if not Academy Award caliber (like the first), not at least been really entertaining? Hell yes! Two words: Mr. T.
  • Is the idea of Sylvester Stallone, at the age of 61 as a boxer, completely ridiculous and pathetic? Maybe, but that’s not the real question:
  • Is the idea of *Rocky*, at the age of 61 as a boxer, completely ridiculous and pathetic? Hell no!

Look, Sylvester Stallone is old. He can’t fight. Antonio Tarver would make meat pie out of Stallone’s face. It’s completely and totally ludicrous. It’s also a movie. It’s also a Rocky movie. Rocky represents the perpetual American underdog. (To be fair, the idea of Americans as the bootstrap-pulling underdog is a cultural subcurrent that should have expired, oh, about 200 years ago, and has been responsible for centuries of hubris since, but I digress.) Nonetheless, it also makes for some pretty entertaining movies. There’s nothing any more ludicrous about a geriatric Rocky pulling himself out of retirement to fight one last time than there is about a small-time nobody going the distance with champion Apollo Creed. He doesn’t have to win, he just has to go the distance.

Of course I’ll go see it. Why wouldn’t I?