mad housers reminder

A quick interjection on this very frigid winter morning:

REMINDER: The first meeting for the Nashville Mad Housers chapter is tomorrow:

When: December 5th, 5:30PM
Where: Nashville Homeless Power Project Office, 42 Arcade (THE arcade downtown), Nashville, TN 37201

Details and background can be found here. Info about the Mad Housers can be found on their website.

The purpose of this meeting will be primarily to cover the basics of what Mad Housers is and what we do, and to set a date for the initial panel build, so please try to make it!

We’ll also be attempting to coordinate space and materials we’ll need. The wood and materials required for the “low rider” hut can be found here – Mad Housers can purchase these materials, but donations are of course always welcome.

Other materials and tools we will need:

  • chop saw (strongly recommended but not necessary)
  • circular saw
  • drill (and hole saw)
  • pickup truck
  • hammers and saws
  • tape measures
  • nails
  • chalk line
  • shears
  • solid-core doors & hinges
  • caulk & caulking gun
  • and last, but not least: space – preferrably warehouse/workspace. More details including sq. footage coming.

We’ll have a more complete list along with details at the meeting. See you there!