Roboto went to Hooters.

The Hooters he went to is walking distance from my office, so I go there sometimes to get wings to go (their wings are entirely too greasy, but that’s another blog post).

I think the Hooters girls’ outfits are a remarkable commentary on American sexuality. The waitresses are sexualized, but not really. The outfits emphasize tits, legs and asses, but .. not really. Closer inspection reveals that the uniform includes thick, non-sheer fleshy-colored pantyhose. They are all wearing thick, padded bras. Because, huge tits and cleavage at a “family restaurant” are cool, but god help us all if we were to see a nipple. They are more like living, semi-desexualized barbie dolls than anything that would actually prove to be sexually stimulating in any way.

Yes, this is what I think about when I go to Hooters. Is that weird?