Proof of the vast right-wing media conspiracy:


Or maybe just bad graphical information skills on CNN’s part.

I went for a walk after the election had been mostly called for Corker. I thought maybe there would be throngs of dejected/elated Ford/Corker fans mobbing the streets. I’m not sure what alternate universe I thought I was living in. The streets were dead. People were watching sports and CMT awards recaps on the television. The capitol was empty. Election? What election?

I didn’t pay much attention to this race, really, until the end. I was never a fan of Ford, but damn: I’m still boggling that Corker won. Corker, the odd little man from Chattanooga who went ugly early and wants to protect us from the evil Mexicans. Go figure. And apparently Tennessee is now leading the charge in the realm of anti-gay bigotry. Gooooo volunteers!

So, yeah, on my walk I found no political revelers to take pictures of – just empty streets, like any other Wednesday. It was oddly cathartic, in a way – wandering around the streets of an abandoned downtown. This is still my city. I won’t be represented in the Senate very well, but hey, when was the last time they got anything done anyway?