on nemesisboy

So, I realize that many of you that read quietlife.net don’t care about the social dynamics of the Nashville blogosphere, or the growing rift between The Nashville Scene and anyone that blogs. Believe me, I understand. This pretty much includes me, too. But as I am tangentially related to this latest development, I thought I should offer my very, very valuable insight on it – before I go back to blogging about diabetes and tax incidence.

So, here’s what happened. In this week’s Nashville Scene “Best Of Nashville” edition, there’s this little bit:

And when Nemesisboy showed up at a local blogger meet-up in a Darth Vader mask, some bloggers were miffed—proof that intelligence has nothing to do with sense of humor.

I was at the blogger meet-up. A few points of clarification:

  • Most everyone at that event thinks (or thought) nemesisboy is terribly hilarious, or at least befuddling.
  • By “some bloggers”, she means “Amanda”.
  • Amanda isn’t a blogger (well, at the time).
  • By “miffed”, she (apparently) means .. uh .. that Amanda made fun of them until they left.
  • Amanda had no idea who the hell “nemesisboy” was. Neither did I.
  • This might explain why, when approached by some teenager in a Darth Vader mask asking “do you want to talk to nemesisboy?”, she made fun of them. I’d do the same. It’s our moral responsibility.


As far as nemesisboy himself: up until now, I barely knew who the guy was. I read his blog once. It’s no big deal. I’m not a nemesis-hater. But sorry, no, I don’t think he’s the next coming of Andy Kaufman. Trolling on the Internet. Holy shit – why didn’t anyone think of that before? Showing up at a bar asking people if they want to talk to you and expecting that they know who you are because you started a pseudo-anonymous troll blog is begging to be made fun of. Amanda just did what came natural. The funniest part is that I am fairly confident that nemesisboy and I have a number (or at least a few) mutual friends. Good times.

So, score one for the Scene (or at least Tracy Moore) for again stretching to apply their vendetta against bloggers to something that really had nothing to do with blogging at all, and score another point for nominating a guy that portrays himself as a drooling retard on the Internet as the best new blog. Ha ha, good show. We get it. You don’t like blogs. Message received. But don’t call my girlfriend stupid or lacking in humor because she made fun of your blog-mocking posterboy. I’ll kick your ass. Or at least get Amanda to.