This would have never happened to the Kennedy Family

Most of you readers here at My Quiet Life would not realize this, but I actually come from an established political family. My mother, Cathy, is the mayor of the town where I was born and raised. She has been for as long as I can remember and was one of the first female mayors in the state of Pennsylvania. Not content with only the kickbacks from the Slovak mafia being mayor would bring in, we schemed in a very Borgian fashion and decided to run my little sister (Kayla) for borough council. I believe at the time of her victory she was 20, making her one of the youngest elected officials in state history. We are still working on making my dad Pope, which might be a problem in that he is Methodist. Anyways, I digress.

On Sunday the family drove to a political rally for Pennsylvania’s governor Ed Rendell. Long story short, they managed to parlay their mother-daughter oligarchy into a photo op with man of the day.

(Faces have been blurred out on the internet so that my mom does not kill me)
mom in bra with governor

Check it out: My mom meets the governor of Pennsylvania, which is a pretty big state, 6th largest by population, (which I will admit is cool and exciting) ** and you can totally, no kidding, see her bra.** The smile on the governor’s face is not from all the support he was shown that day. No, it was from all the support my mother was showing that day. At least that thing is covering her Lynyrd Skynyrd tat.

I love you mom! Don’t disown me!