quotes of the day

Actually, these are from a few days ago. Both from this article:

At the Pentagon, senior military planners cast the conflict as a localized example of America’s broader campaign against global terrorism and said any faltering by Israel could harm the American efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That’s right, folks. The Israel/Hezbollah/Palestine conflict is a localized example of America’s broader war on terror.

Yuval Steinitz, who heads the defense preparedness subcommittee of Parliament’s Foreign and Defense Committee, is critical of the current pace, arguing that the air war has not been sufficient. A ground war should have started sooner and should be prosecuted more energetically, he said, occupying southern Lebanon northward at least to the Litani River, some 15 miles from the border.

Wow, that sounds like a great idea! I wonder if they could make a strategic alliance with the Maronites to help occupy Lebanon while they crush and expel the PLO, er, Hezbollah from Lebanon! What could go wrong?