Despite Roger’s objection, I am going to write about this. But not about the fact that Bush said “shit” .. I could give two .. well, shits. What boggles my mind is the quote itself:

Bush: You see the irony is what they need to is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s all over…

Blair: Dunno… Syria….

Bush: Why?

Blair: Uh, maybe because we just spent the last 30 years nudging Syria out of Lebanon, and we just accomplished that last year? Remember? George? Hello?

Well, actually, he didn’t say that, sadly. This is all not to mention that I don’t understand why Bush thinks that al-Assaad has that sort of influence over Hezbollah to begin with. Can anyone explain this to me?

UPDATE: It just occurred to me that maybe Bush wasn’t just mis-using “irony” and he thinks it’s ironic that Syria was pushed out of Lebanon now that (he thinks) they would be useful?