quote of the day

Quote of the day goes to Richard Stamp:

Richard Stamp, a lawyer with the Washington Legal Foundation, which filed briefs supporting the government in the case, called the ruling a “disappointment” and an example of judges “clearly making it up as they go along.”

Mr. Stamp also said he believed the court “has set itself up against both the Congress and the president” by rejecting a law passed last year that stripped the Supreme Court over jurisdiction over appeals by Guantánamo inmates.

The terrorists have now officially won. What is with this so-called “supreme” court being against not just Congress, but the President.. acting almost like some sort of “check” to their power. Who do they think they are? Who gave them that right? It’s almost like it was set up that way, but I don’t remember an Executive Order from Bush decreeing anything like that, do you? I didn’t think so. We need to dissolve this rogue “third pillar” of the government before it threatens to “balance” Bush’s authority entirely!