Okay, this is just a silly story. A guy wants to demonstrate to his girlfriend that taking risks (in this case, marriage) is cool, and so he jumps out his window and starts running around. Wacky antics ensue, and so on. Then this:

Before he could return, he spotted a couple walking and hid in some bushes to avoid them. A 28-year-old man noticed the bushes rustling and bare feet underneath, then drew a .40-caliber handgun and ordered the naked man out, police said.

The naked suitor ran away, but the armed man gave chase and threatened to shoot, police said. The gunman fired a shot and the naked man fell to the ground, suffering minor injuries.

A resident called police, who arrested the gunman on charges of aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. He was taken to the Washtenaw County jail but released following further investigation, police Sgt. Patrick Hughes told The Associated Press.

They released him following further investigation? Huh? What, did they determine that the naked man running away from him posed a legitimate threat to his life, thus justifying gunfire? Why is this guy not locked up?