stormfront love

Ah, it’s always nice to see your blog getting some wonderful link love:

For anyone interested, here is an entertaining debate regarding the absurd notion that Ludwig von Beethoven was a negro. The myth of black Vikings is also mentioned and discredited. Note how European natives Belle (a university professor and Beethoven scholar) and Johan absolutely annihilate their Afrocentric opposition. Predictably, by the end of the thread both posters are denounced as evil, intolerant, bigoted, hatemongering racists, but the truth stands and their negro adversaries are left in the corner licking their wounds.

Ultimately, this Afrocentrist nonsense is a screaming testimony to how pathetic black culture really is. Their history is so utterly devoid of anything inspiring or magnificent that they have to literally rob us of ours. It is nothing more than the moral desecration of our ancestor’s graves, and it must never be left unchallenged.

Except of course when the links come from stormfront.