Is it just me, or is Liz Garrigan’s editorial here picking a fight where one doesn’t even exist?

I mean, honestly: The symphony hall asked the sounds not to have fireworks on nights where they have concerts. Big deal. The Sounds have games on average 15 days out of the month. The symphony will not be playing that often. The symphony hall secured their location long before the Sounds decided to move downtown. The Sounds probably won’t need the fireworks to attract ticket-buyers now that they’re downtown anyway. Glenn Yaeger of the Sounds said they’re cool with it, anyway. So what’s the problem here? This editorial reminds me of the kid on the playground shoving one kid into another and yelling “ARE YOU GONNA TAKE THAT?!?! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!”

Liz’s attempt to turn this into a class issue is particularly silly. The Sounds aren’t some exclusively low-brow affair any more than the Symphony-goers are all effete snobs. They’re both sides of the same middle-class coin. If we’re going to talk about class issues, let’s talk about the money being spent on both the Symphony Hall and the Sounds stadium, and where it could have been used elsewhere. Let’s talk about the classes of people that suffer for its expenditure. Let’s talk about things that actually matter, rather than lame attempts to demonstrate how blue-blooded the Scenesters are, because frankly, I’m not impressed.