Is this guy for real? I don’t even know where to start. Screw it; presented without comment:

So what would people think if the United States substituted capital punishment for corporal punishment? Instead of strapping convicted killers to an electric chair or injecting them with a chemical to stop their heart, what if judges imposed punishment such as what they do in Singapore?

Remember about 10 years or so ago when an American kid was caught spray painting cars in Singapore? He was punished by a spanking with a rod. It caused quite an uproar here that this kid would be caned as punishment.

If we’re using punishment as a deterrent, I propose that a public spanking would be a greater deterrent than the death penalty. Let’s say someone is found guilty of rape or murder or attempted murder. Let’s then say a judge sentences them to corporal punishment. 15 lashes with a cane or a rod, in a publicly released ceremony. Anyone want to tell me this might not be a deterrent to creeps who are thinking of commiting a crime?

Let’s try it out in Tennessee. Let’s see what effect this might have on crime.

Of course this would never happen in America. Civil liberties groups would protest louder than they do over the death penalty. Cruel and unusual punishment they’ll say.

But you know what? I haven’t heard of another American teenage boy spray painting any cars in Singapore again.

Wow.. just uh.. wow.