Things I have been too busy to write about:

  • Lost: um.. holy shit!
  • America owes Paris Bennett an apology. Can we vote off Intensmo and Katharine McBoring now?
  • Is it possible to get brain damage from listening to Die Moldau, on repeat, at an obscene headphone volume? I hope not.
  • I got the Vangelis score to Blade Runner, along with an orchestral adaptation. Both are pretty good.
  • I love my friend Aaron’s LJ.
  • Whenever I am coerced into filling out an “Interests/Hobbies” thing for any profile of myself, I typically just put “Pointing out the shortcomings of others”, and leave it at that. I am thinking about adding “Getting drunk and watching Blade Runner” to this list.
  • I watched this several times today, to cheer myself up. I want to get t-shirts made up with Rumsfeld that say “I am not in the intelligence business.” Then I could give them to my friends that wear t-shirts.
  • I anticipate emerging from this work-induced blog-coma in approximately 1 month.