Fiesta Belmont!

Okay, so, we decided to give this “Latin Street Fair” at Belmont a try, yesterday. Yes, you heard right. A Latin street fair. At Belmont. Sponsored by O’Reilly auto-parts. Yeah, uhm, what?

Naturally, I was wary. But being the open-minded lad that I am, we decided to check it out nonetheless. Hoo boy, was I ever vindicated.

First, I am pretty sure the only non-white people I saw were the ones working the 3 or 4 food vendors that were actually there.

Second, all of the other vendors were people trying to sell me crap: Comcast, Sprint, some car insurance company, etc. So, evidently when Belmont says “Latin street fair” what they really mean is “excuse to get vendors to pay us to set up booths to try to sell shit to the suckers that show up”.

The only possible redeeming factor was the music, which wasn’t half bad.

After a few aborted attempts to get through the line to one of the food vendors, with our blood sugar dangerously low, we left and went to eat at PM instead.

That was by far the lamest street festival ever.