christopher tells the truth

When I was younger, my aunt gave me this series of “Christopher” books – they were a series of books with a young protagonist named Christopher, who learned various hippie-dippie but still Christian moral lessons. I’d link to them, but as far as the Internet is concerned, they never existed. (I am still surprised when I find things like this.)

One of the books was called “Christopher Tells the Truth”. In this one, Christopher is told by his mother that it’s important to always tell the truth. So he takes that lesson to its logical conclusion and goes around telling the truth: that his fat friend is too fat; his friend with the broken arm has terrible handwriting; that his mother is a filthy whore and his dad is a repressed homosexual (okay maybe I am misremembering those).

Anyways, after he goes around telling the truth for a while, everyone starts to hate him, and at the end he learns the importance of tempering the truth with carefully crafted lies. (I guess.)

Even when I was that young, I remember being conflicted and relatively unconvinced.

Now I have a blog.