WKRN VJ conversion

Mike Sechrist has a great post on their conversion to a “VJ” format thus far. It sounds like it’s going very well – it’s almost enough for me to want to start watching the local news to see if I can find it more tolerable.

One of the more fantastic things they’ve done in this conversion is to offer the photographers the same opportunity to become “VJ” reporters that they did for their old reporters:

One of the first questions asked by photographers, and it’s a legitimate one, is what about my salary. Am I going to be treated like a reporter now that I have these additional duties? The answer is, yes. Last week all former photographers who are now VJ’s were offered two year PSC’s, the same contract offered to reporters and anchors. We outlined how their raises were calculated and what their increase would be for the second year. We also made these contracts optional, meaning they did not have to sign them and could continue to work without contracts and would still get the salary increase.