i heart taquerias

I [heart] taquerias. Well, actually, I’ve never been to one. But I’d like to retain the option.

This is just a reminder that Ordinance No. BL2005-860 is up for a second reading at the metro council meeting on Tuesday. The ordinance aims to impose some rather draconian restrictions on “temporary food establishments”. Their justification is that the health violations by these establishments are somehow egregious and need to be handled differently. Brittney did some great work a few months ago, demonstrating that this is a load of bullocks. These establishments are covered under health regulations like any other restaurant, and they’ll be consequently shut down if violations are found. It’s hard to see this attempt to legislate them out of existence as anything but pandering to their competition (established restaurants) in the area.

The Scene also had a good article about this last November.

Talk to your councilperson and encourage them to oppose this nonsense.