new orleans afterthoughts

My friend Julius went to New Orleans last week. He posted some of his thoughts.

Seeing and reading about his trip to NO and perhaps the awesome cajun food I had today inspired me to read a bit about Katrina on wikipedia. I thought to dig up the video of Kayne West (included below the jump if you haven’t seen it). My only afterthought about this is how striking it was to me that he seemed relatively calm and actually a bit nervous (as one would probably tend to be while straying from the script on national TV). I read all about what happened on all sorts of blogs – mostly critical of Kayne, particularly on the conservative side of the aisle – but I never actually watched the video. The depiction I imagined in my mind was that he was flipping out, ranting and yelling. I found it interesting that I had been lead to that mental picture and how striking it was compared to what I actually saw. Make of that what you will.