Is it a bad sign when you have a weird dream that involves a blogger? Is it worse if it’s on a Friday night? .. and if you haven’t been drinking?

I have chronic dreams about going on vacation to the beach but then being unable to round up anyone to actually go to the beach. It’s very freudian. Anyways, in this dream, I was milling around bored by a pool in some vacation resort, and Sarcastro was there with his brother (does he have a brother?), who in this dream was played by the dad from that Viva La Bam show (I have no idea either). They were playing this “game” in which they would sneak up on one another and drop a lit match in the other’s hair. I guess the loser would be the one with the least hair at the end of the day. The Viva La Bam guy was losing, as he had a giant charred bald spot on top of his head.

Anyways, I was milling around the pool, looking for a hot tub, when the Viva La Bam guy tried sneaking up on me with a lit match, but I heard him, turned around, and calmly explained, “if you take one more step, I will use every weapon at my disposal to kill you.” and so he turned around and threw it into Sarcastro’s hair instead.

Then the dream segued into a bit about floating killer octopus carapaces and a fish/bird war. Good times. I am guessing Sarcastro’s involvement was triggered by reading his guest-blogging contributions right before bed. Get out of my head, damn you!!