wordpress plugins

Jackson just migrated to WordPress.

I figured I’d give a rundown of the plugins I find useful, for his benefit and others:

  • Brian’s Threaded Comments – A nice plugin that allows for threaded comments, something I’ve always found necessary.
  • Flash Filter Plus – This is one most probably won’t need, but it’s what I use to display the little flash applet with samples of music I’m reviewing.
  • Live Comment Preview – Uses DHTML to display a live preview of comments at the bottom of the page as they are being typed.
  • WordPress Feedburner Plugin – Facilitates redirection of your feed to feedburner.
  • Google Sitemaps Generator – Automatically generates a google sitemap for your blog (Mine is here)
  • Spell Checker – I actually rarely use this, because I spell perfektly.</i>
    • WordVerify – The anti-comment-spam plugin that I wrote.</ul>