dallas libraries ban smelly people

The city of Dallas has enacted a policy banning certain behaviour in its public libraries, including “emitting odours (including bodily odours or perfumes), which interfere with the use of services by others”. Advocates for the homeless are of course claiming the move is designed to discriminate against the homeless in the area, for whom the public library is a refuge.

Library users complain about homeless people using the public toilets at the central library to wash, but activists say that bathrooms at a nearby homeless centre are often in a state of disrepair.

Maybe Dallas ought to consider improving its homeless facilities rather than enacting silly, discriminatory legislation to keep the homeless out of their library. However, the progressive troublemaker’s course of action is clear: complain about every cologne/perfume-drenched person and every tobacco-stained hipster that might “interfere with your use of the service”. You’ve got your orders, now go forth and .. wait, are there any progressives in Dallas? Shit.