funny stuff

Hobbs updated his post with e-mail communication between him and Brittney. He should have quit while he was behind. Some choice excerpts:

I assure you that I have WKRN’s best interest at heart. I was talking to your boss about WKRN engaging the blogosphere long before NIT existed and long before they hired you. I want to see NIT become so much more than it currently is because, well, because I think it currently is so much less than it could be - and as long as it is, it remains vulnerable to being overshadowed by a similar project by another local media outlet that might decide to start one.

Anyone else get the impression here that Bill is pissed because WKRN started a blog and didn’t invite him to the party? Or maybe it’s just pointless dick-swinging, who knows.

Lately you have been doing more cutting and pasting full text of other people’s blog posts and of newspaper articles. The former is rude and the latter is a potential copyright problem unless you post it in order to analyze it line by line. Read up on copyright “fair use” doctrine.

This is the best part. Is he actually criticizing a blogger for excerpting/pasting from other blogs? Now that’s funny. Is this what Bill “blog revolution” Hobbs has been reduced to? Accusations of “bias” and vague threats of copyright violations?