Mark is on a roll this holiday weekend. Here he’s taking on those nefarious bands of America-haters, scientists:

You can’t always trust the “experts”

As I mentioned yesterday, a potentially groundbreaking study at the Seoul National University on embryonic stem cell research published earlier this year was partly fabricated.

Hwang’s study, published in the journal Science last May, purported to show that his team had successfully grown stem cell lines from cloned human embryos that shared the genetic makeup of the individuals whose cells were used to create the clones.

So, let me get this straight. A guy fabricates some data. Seoul National University launches an inquiry after allegations from the scientific community of unethical research, fabricated data and fraud. After an extensive investigation, they verify the fraud and isolate all the work they believe to be fraudulent, announce it, and condemn it. And this is proof that we can’t trust “the experts”? Really? It sounds like proof that we can. It sounds like validation of the system of academic peer review. But I guess I’m wrong, as Mark says, we can’t trust those “experts”. They think they’re so great with their “degrees” and “scientific method”.