hello I am chinese boy!

So, I use Jabber as my primary IM these days, but I still have my old ICQ UIN added through a Jabber transport. It normally sits there idle, and I only have two people on my roster that actually use ICQ. I almost forgot it was even there. Until yesterday.

Starting yesterday, I have been getting 20-30 messages a day. All from different UINs. Just a new botnet spamming ICQ UINs, right? No, actually. Some of it is spam, but a majority of it is legit. I thought maybe it was some FBI fishnet trawling for pedophiles or something, so I chatted up a few of the random people. I talked with an 18 year old girl from Ningbo, Zhejiang, a 15 year old girl in Bochum, Germany about Robbie Williams, and some dude in Yerevan, Armenia. Good times.

I am guessing that ICQ must have changed either their client (is there even still an actual “ICQ” client or is it just AIM now?) or something on the website to make it easier for finding random people to message. Anyways, the point of this post was a) this is weird, and b) talking to non-native english speakers is hard, to wit, some highlights:

I like fantasizing. I believed has the miracle fantasize? what sort of miracle? Did not say this Said your life sorry i don't understand your life do you know? my life? yse yes ... Your American can speak Chinese multi- people? i don't understand say again? are you asking if americans talk to many chinese people? Your American can say Chinese the human are many? ... do you know who angela merkel is Yes!!! what do you think about her Nice hairdress!!